Year-Round Roof Maintenance

Winter, spring, summer and fall: Every season brings a need for roof maintenance and the opportunity to protect one of your home’s biggest investments.

Whether it is working to keep out cold, heat, snow or rain, you should be performing roof maintenance with the seasons to make sure your home’s roof stays in tip-top shape and is ready to withstand the elements.

So what do you do for roof maintenance with each season? Our experts at Feazel Inc. are here to give you tips for winter, spring, summer and fall. Read on!


As the leaves start to change, that should signal to you as a homeowner that you need to look at getting your roof ready for the winter. Fall roof maintenance is simple: Call a professional for an annual inspection. Fall, with its cooler temperatures, is a great time to make sure your shingles are in working order and there is no damage. You don’t want a way for snow and ice to find its way in and cause further damage.


In winter, it’s crucial to keep your roof free of snow and ice. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage, so if the winter is snowy and cold, make sure your roof stays clean. A professional can clear your roof. Winter can also be a great time to make sure you have enough insulation in your attic and that your roof is properly ventilated.


So winter is gone and the birds are singing, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming. This season is a great time to get a new roof if yours is starting to show its age. If your roof is on the older side, or you have issues with damaged or missing shingles, call us for a free inspection.


You might think that summer is a time to relax on roof maintenance. And you are not wrong. However, summer is a great time to make sure your roof is clean and in great shape. Algae and debris can cause damage, so this is a great time for a professional cleaning. After all, doesn’t every homeowner want to have that showplace look in the summer?

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