Winter home maintenance checklist: Clean and check seals on windows and doors

Even though we’re still enjoying some sunny and warm weather, fall is drawing to a close and winter is coming, so it is time to check off an item on your winter home maintenance checklist: Clean and check seals on windows and doors!

This is something that is certainly easier to do when the weather is still mild and you can easily be outside or indoors with the windows open. And it’s something that is important to do each year to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter – and avoid higher than necessary heating and cooling bills.

So when you are adding a task to your “honey do” list this weekend, make sure to clean and check seals on your windows and doors. It’s a winter home maintenance checklist item you will be glad you did!

Here are our tips for making sure you check and maintain your windows properly.


The first thing you should do when cleaning and checking seals on windows and doors is to take a good look at them from the inside and outside. Do you see missing pieces of the sealant? Is it damaged? Check around doors for daylight – if you see it, air is getting in.

Another tip is to hold a match or candle near windows and doors (this works well when it is windy!) to see if there is air moving on the flame. That’s a sure sign you need to repair or replace the seals.

When you are walking around your house, make sure there aren’t visible cracks or damage.


You can easily replace seals around your doors yourself as part of your winter home maintenance checklist and the supplies are readily available at any hardware store. Windows might be a bit trickier, as you may have to contact the manufacturer for the correct seal. Sometimes, it’s best to hire a professional to fix a damaged or improper window seal. Call Feazel for an estimate!


If your windows and doors are older (20-25 years is the reasonable life span of windows), it may be time for a replacement. The experts at Feazel can give you a hand and YES! We even install windows in the winter, if you need them.

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