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Three common spring gutter issues (and how to fix them)

Even though it seems hard to believe, spring is almost here! Soon, the weather will be warm and everyone will be outside enjoying it. But the new season also can bring spring gutter issues.

What are some common spring gutter issues? And how do you fix them? For most homeowners, there are a few common spring gutter issues that you should look for – and address – this year.

So, what are these common spring gutter issues? Read on:


The long winter can leave your gutters in rough shape. They might be rusted, cracking or even pulling away from your home. All of these issues can cause you big headaches in the spring and summer months, with the rains and storms we get. So, what can you do? Minor cracks and holes can be sealed and you can always reattach your gutters. But if there is extensive damage, it’s best to call the experts for an inspection.


The next time it rains, or when the snow starts melting, go take a gander at your gutters to see if the water is able to freely flow through them. If not, you might have a clog that can cause water to back up and damage your home through leaks and flooding. You can clean out your own gutters or you can call a professional but this is usually one of the common spring gutter issues that is easy to fix.


Animals need shelter too – but they don’t need to be living in your gutters!  If you notice nests or other animal abodes in your gutters, sometimes all you need to do is clean them out to fix the problem. You can also use traps or call a professional.

The bottom line is, to solve spring gutter issues like these, you need to act.

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At Feazel Inc., we know spring gutter issues can cause homeowners headaches. Don’t hesitate to call us. We’d love to come out and do an inspection.