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Storms and your roof: How to protect one of your home’s biggest investments

Spring, and summer, can bring some pretty intense storms to many parts of the country. And if you are like most homeowners, you probably worry about how to protect your home’s roof.

It’s a natural concern, as your roof is likely one of your home’s biggest investments.

Storms don’t have to be something to fear in terms of your roof, however. There are things you can do to protect your roof during spring – and summer – storms. Read on:

Secure doors, windows and outdoor items

During a storm, debris can hit your roof and do damage. Also, if your windows are open – or broken – during a storm, it can increase pressure inside your home and cause your roof to work overtime, stressing it and causing damage.

So, if you know a storm is coming, make sure you secure and lock your windows and doors and make sure outdoor items like basketball hoops, furniture and other loose objects are secured or taken indoors.


This is a good thing to do each year, just in case of a bad storm and subsequent damage to your home: Take an inventory and good pictures of your home in case you have to call an insurance adjuster.

It’s probably a good idea to take a video, too.

By doing this, you will be ready to show an insurance adjuster how your home looked BEFORE the damage occurred and this could ease the claim process.

Trim trees – and have them inspected

If you live in a neighborhood with lots of trees, it’s a good idea to have them trimmed and inspected regularly. Trees can cause lots of damage during a spring – or summer – storm, and by keeping them at least six feet from your home’s roof, you can prevent some damage.

Also, get larger or older trees regularly inspected by a professional and if they are damaged or dying, have them removed.

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If you have questions or concerns about your roof, schedule a free inspection today – before the spring storms hit!