LOVE your home this winter! Five things you can do to combat cabin fever

It’s the heart of winter, and that means only one thing: You are probably getting tired of being stuck in your house. There are things you can do to your home to combat cabin fever, however.
Whether it’s a big project or a small refresh, you can combat cabin fever by doing a home project. If you want to really do it up, we can help with new replacement windows (yes, we can even do this in the cold!) or planning a larger project for the spring (like a new roof).
If you are just looking for something inexpensive, we’ve got you covered as well. Read on for some ways to combat cabin fever in your home this winter:

Tighten, de-squeak and fix

If you have a lot of little annoyances around your house like squeaky hinges, looks handles and cabinet pulls or a wobbly toilet paper holder, take some time this weekend and make a date with your screwdriver and some WD-40. Sometimes, getting things back to proper working order can help you feel better and you won’t have the constant irritation of feeling like a door handle is going to come off in your hand.

Décor update

Spring décor items are hitting the stores now, so brighten up your space with some new pillows, a fresh door mat or some updated décor for your mantle or shelves. Think light, bright and floral. Some greens and other spring-like tones can really boost your mood.

Spring planning

It won’t be winter forever, and now is a great time to start planning for your garden, landscaping and other outdoor projects. Buy your seeds and bulbs now! You can also start planning for a larger project like a new roof, updated gutters or replacement windows. If 2018 is the year for a big investment in your home, call Feazel. We’d love to help.

Deep clean

Yes, we know no one wants to do this, but if you get your spring cleaning done now, you can really enjoy spring when it arrives! Plan a family cleaning weekend where everyone pitches in. And don’t forget to do things like your blinds, the top of your refrigerator and cabinets and behind appliances and large pieces of furniture.

Splurge on some plants

If you aren’t a houseplant person, maybe it’s time to change that. A few plants can really brighten a space, improve air quality and bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Go to a greenhouse and shop around. We think It’ll improve your mood, too.

Feazel Inc. can help you combat cabin fever

The experts at Feazel want you to be happy and healthy this winter season. Spring will be here soon!