Dayton Roof Maintenance and Cleaning

Preventative roof cleaning and maintenance is about far more than a tidy roof. Regular roof cleaning and maintenance from Feazel’s Dayton roofing experts can prevent deterioration, protect the investment you’ve made in your home and improve curb appeal.

Roof cleaning and maintenance services have been a major part of our business since our founding in 1988. Your home is probably your largest investment. Protect that investment and keep your roof in optimal operating conditioning with regular maintenance from Feazel’s Dayton office.

One of the most common problems impacting roofs throughout Ohio is algae. If not attended to, roof algae can leave black streaks on your roof, reduce the life of your roof, increase utility expenses for your home, and diminish curb appeal. Feazel’s Dayton team of trained professionals can eradicate it.

We recommend a roof cleaning and preventative treatment every 1-2 years to keep stains from returning and to ensure your roof’s sustainability. As with all our roofing services, Feazel’s roof cleaning and maintenance is backed by a 100 percent guarantee. Schedule a free roof inspection today.

At Feazel we are proud to practice environmentally conscious roofing practices throughout Southwest Ohio and all of our service areas and that extends to our cleaning and maintenance process.

Unlike many other Dayton-area roofing contractors, all our roof cleaning products are biodegradable, non-corrosive and, in most cases, do not require any rinsing, therefore eliminating the need for damaging pressure washing. Feazel will not use high pressure washing or hazardous chemical ingredients such as bleach, sodium hydroxide (Lye), copper, zinc, or acid. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of your roof, landscaping, siding, brick, and to the safety of your pets, thereby ensuring we will only use safe techniques when cleaning your roof.

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