Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Dayton

Feazel has a team of roofing experts working out of our Beavercreek office ready to service the needs of the entire Dayton area. Whether you need repair work, a full roof replacement or routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

We were founded in 1988 just down I-70 East in Columbus, and we are happy to be servicing the Dayton area with high quality roof repair and roof replacement services. Our highly trained roofing specialists have gone through rigorous training and are ready to service the Gem City and the surrounding area.

As a BBB Accredited roofing company with an A+ rating, you can count on Feazel to work with you and within your budget to determine a high-quality roofing solution that works for you. Whether it’s replace, or repair, or preserve, you can rest easy knowing your roof has been taken care of by a professional residential roofing contractor.

With our experience roofing throughout Ohio, we know the challenges that come with the state’s erratic weather patterns and are knowledgeable about the most popular roofing systems throughout Southwest Ohio.

From minor repairs to the most challenging roofing jobs, our hard-working Dayton crews can meet your roofing needs in a cost-effective, efficient manner. In 2017, Feazel replaced over 10 million square feet of shingles, meaning we have the experience and expertise you’re looking for in a roofing specialist. No matter your budget or time frame, we will design a roofing system to best meet the needs of your home.

Check out all the roofing services offered out of our Dayton office:

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