Dayton Residential Attic Ventilation

When considering home repair projects, don’t overlook your attic. Proper attic ventilation can reduce energy costs, prevent structural damage and prolong the life of your roof, and Feazel’s Dayton office is ready to offer you the best attic ventilation services in Ohio.

Temperatures in an unvented attic can easily rise to 150°F and condensation build up can be bad enough to resemble a roof leak, leading to structural damage as well as potential destruction of personal items located in the attic. Proper ventilation from Feazel’s Dayton office will regulate attic temperatures and make sure you can take full advantage of your entire home.

Feazel has been providing ventilation services since 1988 and would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. With all the benefits that come with Feazel’s quality attic ventilation there is no reason not to schedule an inspection and start taking full advantage of your attic.

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