Dayton Residential Siding Repair

Keep your home looking new and improve its resale value with top quality siding options from Feazel. We’ve been Ohio’s top choice for siding since our beginnings in 1988 and we are proud to have been providing superior exterior home services for 30 years.

Feazel’s Dayton office is ready to supply you with American-made siding options, including several versions of fiber cement, vinyl, and masonry siding. We’ve got the right siding to fit your style and your budget. Experiment with the siding that we offer with our Design Your Home App powered by GAF. When you’re ready, contact our Dayton office for a free estimate on your new siding project.

While we have 30 years of experience, Feazel has also stayed on the cutting edge of home improvement technology. That’s why Feazel Dayton uses satellite technology to ensure your siding estimate is 99.9% accurate. This automated, technician-led process provides aerial imagery, 3D building dimensions and 24-hour access to your estimate data.

Feazel is also dedicated to working with only quality materials and to environmentally friendly home improvement options. That’s why all of our offerings are Green Approved by the National Association of Home Builders.

Your home’s siding is one of the biggest factors in keeping it looking new and improving resale value, and we’re committed to providing you with quality siding services. We replaced 500,000 square feet of siding in 2017 alone and we know we have the experience and expertise you are looking for in a Dayton contractor.

Benefits of New Siding Types

Vinyl: Extremely low maintenance siding option that is very cost effective.

Fiber Cement: Superior durability relative to vinyl, this siding option improves curb appeal.

Masonry Siding: A stylish brick or stone look that improves curb appeal.

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