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For 30 years, Feazel has been Central Ohio’s leading roofing and home repair expert and that includes chimneys. Our Columbus office has been repairing any and all chimney issues since 1988 and in 2016 alone Feazel replaced over 2,000 chimneys. Our experience and expertise are unmatched.

Chimneys are particularly vulnerable to environmental elements because so much of the masonry is exposed. Wind, storms and normal wear and tear cause cracking or lifting of sealant around the chimney, increasing the likelihood of leaks, structural damage and mold damage to your home. From preventative maintenance to chimney crown repair to proper chimney flashing and overall rebuilds, Feazel’s Columbus masonry experts can fix your problem.


Preventive maintenance

Even if your chimney does not need repaired, it could need maintenance in the form of water repellent. All new and existing masonry chimneys are susceptible to water damage. Our Central Ohio masonry experts use ChimneySaver water repellents, the first choice of chimney professionals for nearly 20 years. This water repellent reduces water penetration into the masonry by 99.9%, according to independent testing. ChinneySaver is also 100% vapor permeable, meaning it won’t trap water vapor.

Contact Feazel Columbus today to take advantage of the 10-year warranty that comes with our ChimneySaver water repellents.

Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns – masonry roofs that cover the top of your chimney – are intended to prevent moisture from seeping into and damaging the masonry below. Damaged or cracked crowns can result in costly repairs. Get a chimney evaluation from Feazel’s Columbus office and catch any problems with your chimney crown early.

Feazel uses a flex crown solution in repairs that forms a flexible waterproof membrane to properly protect your chimney crowns. This solution dries in about 6 hours and cures in about 24 hours to a natural mortar or concrete appearance. Feazel’s flex crown solution comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Chimney Flashing

Improper chimney flashing, the protective covering of the chimney’s joints and angles, is one of the most common causes of chimney leaks. When flashing a chimney many contractors use shortcuts, such as nailing or “pinning” metal flashing to the mortar and sealing with caulk. This improper method is likely to pop loose after just a few years of environmental exposure.

Feazel never takes shortcuts in our work and our Central Ohio craftsmen deliver the utmost attention to detail. We use the “Grind and Tuck” technique, one in which we grind the mortar joints, bend the metal along the top of the flashing and tuck it back into the mortar joints. The mortar caulk is then pinned back into the joint, causing a permanent watertight seal that will perform maintenance-free for many years.

For 30 years Feazel has been dedicated to providing Central Ohio with the best masonry and chimney services. Contact our offices today for a free evaluation.

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