Feazel: A Veteran Owned Business

Since 1988 Feazel has been dedicated to providing high quality roofing and home improvement with integrity. In 2013 Feazel’s values were reinforced when Leo Ruberto purchased the company from Mike and Todd Feazel and we became a Veteran Owned Business.

Leo served as a Marine for three years and was honorably discharged as a Lance Corporal, an opportunity he took in order to return to his family. Now, the values that Leo had instilled in him during his time in the Marines and through his upbringing by his military father are carried over into the way he does business. With that in mind, Feazel offers a structured and consistent work environment and focusses on loyalty, quality and integrity in it’s dealing with customers.

The time Leo spent in the United States Armed Forces had a great impact on the way he lives his life and runs his business. As such, that service time has also had a great impact on Feazel. When you choose to work with Feazel for your roofing and home improvement needs you are choosing a Veteran Owned Business, one that provides dependable and honest work for it’s customers.